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Netflix Nixes Qwikster Switch

Netflix had previously made a decision to split streaming and DVD plans which created much customer backlash.  They were predicted to lose about 600,000 customers come the third quarter of 2011 according to Broadcasting & Cable.  Netflix however quickly killed off the plan to split of DVD-by-mail business which would have been called Qwikster to a separate unit; however, it plans to keep its price changes which have risen 60% for the streaming plans.  

According to CEO Reed Hastings, the DVD by mail business was supposed to operate as Qwikster with its own website: on September 18.  However, as of Monday, the company announced that US members will be able to access movies and TV shows offered by the Netflix brand with one website and one username/password.  The Netflix brand members appreciate simplicity.  This split would have been a too fast of a move for Netflix and would have been an unsuccessful one.  As mentioned just earlier, Netflix would experience a huge customer backlash and would lose about 600,000 customers with the split.  Removing Qwikster may have just saved them.  

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CBS is up! What about everyone else?

As reported in Broadcasting and Cable, according to Nielson, ABC network has dropped to fourth place Sunday night in TV network ratings with an overall 2.3rating/6 share, in the 18-49 demo.  ABC’s TV show ‘Pan Am’ slipped a whopping 19% by its second week on air to a 2.5.  Desperate Housewives also dropped 6% to a 2.9 and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition dropped 9% to a 2.1.  ABC is not looking too hot this week.

CBS on the other hand is experiencing a general climb in ratings- netting n overall 3.1/8.  The Amazing Racing grew 10% to a 3.3 and The Good Wife increased by 9% to a 2.4.  60 minutes drew to a 4.5, especially since it was Andy Rooney’s final show after 30 years. 

Like ABC’s TV shows, Fox’s Animation Domination has encountered negative ratings.  Family Guy fell 15% to a 3.5, The Simpsons fell 21% to a 3.0 and The Cleveland Show slipped 16% to a 2.6.  Their overall network earnings were 2.7/7.

And finally, although NBC may be in third place after ABC’s slip, it still is not increasing in rankings as one may think.  Sunday night premiered the New York Jets-Baltimore Ravens matchup, earning a 5.9/15.  Football Night in America decreased by 17% to a 4.9, while Sunday Night Football increased to a 7.3- up a tenth from last week’s 

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Reality Shows: FAR from Reality

What has the world come to when mothers allow their  THREE- year old daughters to dress like prostitutes just for a young girls’ pageant based reality show?  The Hollywood Reporter Reports that over a week ago,  The Learning Channel’s “Toddlers and Tiaras” aired an episode featuring a four year old girl wearing fake breasts and butt-pads to appear like Dolly Parton!  This time,  The Learning Channel showed a promo shot of a three year old being dressed like Julia Roberts’ prostitute character in Pretty Woman. This “Toddlers and Tiaras’ controversy has stirred a craze in the Parents Television Council “We have a serious problem when The Learning Channel features a toddler, who probably hasn’t even learned to read, dressed as a prostitute showing a sexy strut.” (Melissa Henson, director of Communications and public education for the Parent Television Council.) 

What I don’t understand is how the TV executives do not see a problem in little girls expressing such sexuality.  They are robbing these young girls of their childhood, let alone giving pedophiles a free-pass to view little girls in such a perverted way.  They are basically victimizing these young girls for the sake of entertainment.  There is already the TV network problem of adult sexuality being inappropriately imposed on innocent children, but now the children are being sexualized at younger and younger and younger ages!  This will just lead to problems later in their lives. What’s happening to reality shows?  Is it now entertainment to see toddlers portrayed as the industry’s sex objects?  Television must have completely run out of good ideas..


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And the Bronze goes to…?

NBC and ABC are in the race for third best television network.  (Fox and CBS are figured to be the top two television broadcasting networks.)   In most recent years, ABC has pulled through and won the bronze.  This year, NBC is trying exceptionally hard to change that.  “Comedy is a goal for us.  We’ve got to have more of it.” (Greenblatt). NBC’s new Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt reported that in the past six months, NBC’s prime goal is to return to a ‘must-see’ television network.  Greenblatt’s hope?  NBC’s comedy block soon-to-be on Wednesday’s.  Laughter is the key to the heart, right? 

The key to win is in the laughs.  Starting this season, NBC has signed on for quite a few shows: The Peacock will be hosting “Up All Night” starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, and “Free Agents,”- two new shows that will hopefully make a splash in the ratings, on Wednesdays.  Their marketing resources are to be devoted to these new comedies to boost ratings.  However, despite all of the shows that will be pictured throughout the week, including “Prime Suspect” with Maria Bello, “Whitney,” “The Playboy Club” and “The Sing-Off,” ABC still holds the lead for the bronze.  ABC’s Wednesday’s consist of the hit series “The Middle” and “Modern Family.”  The Alphabet’s Paul Lee, who just joined from ABC Family fourteen months ago, added some promising television shows this season, and that includes the new “Suburgatory.”  ABC also brought back “Happy Endings,” and of course, “Friends” cannot be forgotten. 

What NBC really needs is a top-20 scripted television show.  At the moment, they have “The Office;” however, Steve Carrell is no longer featured, and this could pose a serious challenge for the popularity of the show- a problem that NBC needs to remedy- New cast member James Spader has been added to the show, and interesting guest stars will most likely be featured throughout the season.  “30 Rock” with Tina Fey will be ‘hiatus’ until midseason due to Tina Fey’s pregnancy.  Luckily, Universal Media Studios signed deals with top-notch comedy writers and producers, including Gary Sanchez, Sean Hayes, and Greg Daniels. I wonder what will be in store for us viewers. The NFL viewings like “Sunday Night Football” may just give NBC the push it needs to restore their former successful status. 

Does ABC seem to have more of a chance to reach third place in television network this year again?  They have the popular shows such as “Dancing with the Stars,” and “Castle,” which are very successful on Monday.  ABC’s Paul Lee, who joined the network 14 months ago from ABC Family has added rather a few promising shows, such as the net’s “Charlie’s Angels,” which will kick off Thursday.  The Alphabet has Thursday’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and now-Friday’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”  Sunday’s are spiced up with dramas “Desperate Housewives,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “Pan Am.”

So who is going to get the bronze?  Can NBC Universal return to its former Glory Days?  I guess we’ll just have to watch and see! 


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