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Netflix Nixes Qwikster Switch

Netflix had previously made a decision to split streaming and DVD plans which created much customer backlash.  They were predicted to lose about 600,000 customers come the third quarter of 2011 according to Broadcasting & Cable.  Netflix however quickly killed off the plan to split of DVD-by-mail business which would have been called Qwikster to a separate unit; however, it plans to keep its price changes which have risen 60% for the streaming plans.  

According to CEO Reed Hastings, the DVD by mail business was supposed to operate as Qwikster with its own website: on September 18.  However, as of Monday, the company announced that US members will be able to access movies and TV shows offered by the Netflix brand with one website and one username/password.  The Netflix brand members appreciate simplicity.  This split would have been a too fast of a move for Netflix and would have been an unsuccessful one.  As mentioned just earlier, Netflix would experience a huge customer backlash and would lose about 600,000 customers with the split.  Removing Qwikster may have just saved them.  

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