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Katie Couric trying to fill the void left by Oprah?

Katie Couric’s new daytime show has begun to be pitched to ad agencies and clients according to, by Katie Couric, Jeff Zucker, and [syndication company] Disney ABC Domestic TV.  

Her show, primarily to be filmed in New York, will feature a combination between personal stories and news.  Apparently, Katie is trying to ‘fill the void’ left by Oprah’s departure from her daytime show to Oprah Winfrey Network.  This allegation could be supported by Couric’s intended ad prices for TV spots during her show.  

Her team expects great things from her show and have even set a $50,000 price for a 30-second spot.  Although Couric’s show is ahead of Live with Regis and Kelly and Ellen, each of whom request a $35,000 to $40,000 a spot, Couric’s prices are nowhere near The Oprah Winfrey Show's prices.  Oprah's Show priced TV spots at $100,000 a spot by the end of her 25-year run.  

Despite the strong faith in her show, there are some Television ad executives that maintain doubts about Couric pulling in $50,000 a spot.  ”Katie Couric was fine on the Today SHow, but she didn’t exactly set the world on fire at the CBS Evening News,” claimed Head of TV buying at Target Cast, Gary Carr, whilst comparing Couric to Jane Pauley, the Today show host whose daytime show flopped in 2004. 

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