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Entertainment Studios Launches

Entertainment Studios, an independent producer and distributor, has launched this passed Wednesday according to Broadcasting and Cable. is the company’s global television subscription service platform. will allow subscribers to watch televisoin live and Videos on demand on mobile devices, including Apple and Android devises.  Subscriptions begin at $1.99 per month.  

Byron Allen, founder, chairman and CEO of Entertainment studios believes that this platform will be a global game changer, as well as consumer-friendly.  I will allow subscribers to select only the channels they want to watch.  ”The marketplace research has demonstrated for eyars that consumers have less than 20 channels that they actually watch.” will satisfy consumer demands of having the ability to access a fully personalized, portable service which saves the consumer a great deal of money each month.  To top it all off, there would be no installation fees and no long-term commitments.

At least one linear channel in every major programming category will be provided by SmartTV within the coming year.  It has already offered the service with 6 of Entertainment Studios’ linear HD networks.  These includeL Cars.TV, Comedy.TV, ES.TV, MyDestination.TV, Pets.TV and Recipe.TV.  Allen added that SmartTV is going to expand their channel options for subscribers over the next 24 months by launching over 100 networks.   

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Netflix Nixes Qwikster Switch

Netflix had previously made a decision to split streaming and DVD plans which created much customer backlash.  They were predicted to lose about 600,000 customers come the third quarter of 2011 according to Broadcasting & Cable.  Netflix however quickly killed off the plan to split of DVD-by-mail business which would have been called Qwikster to a separate unit; however, it plans to keep its price changes which have risen 60% for the streaming plans.  

According to CEO Reed Hastings, the DVD by mail business was supposed to operate as Qwikster with its own website: on September 18.  However, as of Monday, the company announced that US members will be able to access movies and TV shows offered by the Netflix brand with one website and one username/password.  The Netflix brand members appreciate simplicity.  This split would have been a too fast of a move for Netflix and would have been an unsuccessful one.  As mentioned just earlier, Netflix would experience a huge customer backlash and would lose about 600,000 customers with the split.  Removing Qwikster may have just saved them.  

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CBS is up! What about everyone else?

As reported in Broadcasting and Cable, according to Nielson, ABC network has dropped to fourth place Sunday night in TV network ratings with an overall 2.3rating/6 share, in the 18-49 demo.  ABC’s TV show ‘Pan Am’ slipped a whopping 19% by its second week on air to a 2.5.  Desperate Housewives also dropped 6% to a 2.9 and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition dropped 9% to a 2.1.  ABC is not looking too hot this week.

CBS on the other hand is experiencing a general climb in ratings- netting n overall 3.1/8.  The Amazing Racing grew 10% to a 3.3 and The Good Wife increased by 9% to a 2.4.  60 minutes drew to a 4.5, especially since it was Andy Rooney’s final show after 30 years. 

Like ABC’s TV shows, Fox’s Animation Domination has encountered negative ratings.  Family Guy fell 15% to a 3.5, The Simpsons fell 21% to a 3.0 and The Cleveland Show slipped 16% to a 2.6.  Their overall network earnings were 2.7/7.

And finally, although NBC may be in third place after ABC’s slip, it still is not increasing in rankings as one may think.  Sunday night premiered the New York Jets-Baltimore Ravens matchup, earning a 5.9/15.  Football Night in America decreased by 17% to a 4.9, while Sunday Night Football increased to a 7.3- up a tenth from last week’s 

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